To be great is to be misunderstood
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here's a little bit about myself, I go by Chip NoDale and I'm a Hip-Hop raised, multi-genre jammin MC and songwriter from Indianapolis, IN. I started to take my craft a little more serious while in college in Boise, ID. I take in influence from artists ranging from Childish Gambino and Wiz Khalifa all the way to Curtis Mayfield and Bobby Womack. In the beginning of May 2013 I released my first full length project, "50 Shades of Chip" not available anywhere. Since then I've delivered a plethora of singles and freestyles and 4 more projects, mostly through the outlet of soundcloud. More recently, I've dropped my first video for two singles, 'Circle City Flow' and 'Kid From The Nap' both paying homage to my hometown of Indianapolis. My most recent project, "It Never Mattered [A Love Story]" shows major growth in me finding my own sound, while becoming a stronger songwriter. I attract inspiration from the authenticity and lyricism of old school hip-hop, rap and soul music, while incorporating the feels and vibes of electropop, funk and chill-wave. Intergrating these components of sound together, we get Chip NoDale, your favorite rapper you've never heard of.